Monday, February 13, 2012

Let's Get Excited About YA Books Turned into Movies Again!

On March 23, the movie of the Hunger Games is coming out. Recently I spoke to a pessimistic teen who did not hold out a lot of hope for it. It's understandable, there are so many cases where the book isn't just better, but a completely different animal than the movie (we're looking at you Percy Jackson). BUT we at TATAL want to throw down on the side of the optimists and say that we definitely have hope that it will be awesome. And we'd like to present two words on the side of YA adaptations: "Harry Potter." We're going in with open minds (and kleenex packages!).

Now that you know how we stand on The Hunger Games, here are a few more adaptations we are excited about:

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margie Stohl
Release date: 2013
Why we're excited: This one always seemed pretty cinematic to us. Southern gothic with big scenes of paranormal activity. Also it's a five book series with a lot of pretty epic twists and turns, all stuff that should make for some pretty exciting movie fare.

Also, take a look at the cast that's been announced so far:
Why yes that IS Viola Davis AND Emma Thompson attached to this film!!! Oscar quality actresses definitely make us excited! And Ethan and Lena are relatively unknown here, but they look promising too. All in all we're definitely going to be keeping our eyes open for a more specific release date on this one. (Check out the authors' page for more info)

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green(see full review here)
Release Date: 2013?

Why We're Excited: Besides the fact that we're pretty well known JG fans around here. We're excited because the author is excited. We're excited because Green writes teens as real people and it's about time for a few movies with teens who are SMART and thoughtful and interesting. We get behind that.

Other rumors of films we hope to see soon:

The Sky is Everywhere: by Jandy Nelson (see our review)
Selena Gomez is tied to it and we hope to hear more because it would be pretty wonderful to see Lennie, Joe and Toby on the big screen. (more on the movie)

If I Stay by Gayle Forman (see our review)
This one is really only a whisper, but we're holding on to it because we want to hear Mia and Adam duet.

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