Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting Over Garrett Delaney by Abby McDonald

Getting Over Garrett Delaney by Abby McDonald

Sometimes a crush spirals a bit out of control. For Sadie, her best friend Garrett is that crush: since she met him he's been nothing but her dream guy. The one who knows the best music to listen to and the capital G Good books to read. The two of them do everything together and just thinking about him gives her butterflies. But, there's one major problem- Garrett has never, not for one moment, given Sadie any indication that he feels the same way about her.

In fact, he's almost always dating someone else! And asking Sadie for advice. Sadie's heart is not a pretty place to be these days.

When Garrett heads off to a writer's camp for the summer Sadie has the entire summer for herself. And she has NO idea what to do. She starts to realize that maybe her relationship is more like an addiction... and this summer she needs to get over it.
Luckily for Sadie, she's got a great team of people behind her to help her kick the habit. She's got a new job at the one cool coffee shop in her tiny western-MA town and a renewed friendship with a grade school buddy. Garrett Delaney is not going to mess around with her feelings anymore... so it's okay if she takes that text from him, right????

This is a fun, light-hearted getting-over-love story. All of Sadie's new friends are great people who you could definitely see spending many long summer days with, no problem. Funny, realistic and easy to relate to, you won't want to quit Getting Over Garrett Delaney.

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