Friday, February 17, 2012

Bitz and Pieces: Happy Long Weekend Edition

You've got a long weekend coming up, how are you going to spend it? Well, if you're answer is, "messing around on the internets" we have a list of literary links for you to check out.

Teen Frequency @ Hauppauge Public Library has an awesome list of Libraries and bookshops from around the world (via

In case you missed it on The Facebook here's all of Harry Potter in 60 seconds! Love it!

And just for the Blog crowd, here is HP in SONG in 99 seconds.
 The always awesome GreenBeanTeenQueen offers up two dueling trailers for the  Trylle book series by Amanda Hocking.

Oooh Black Heart could not come out soon enough for us. To tide us over until then, here are the winners of a recent contest by author, Holly Black that are filled with fan art.

This is for all the aspiring writers out there: Maggie Stiefvater shows  us how ten different YA writers change their stories between drafts and the final version. Really interesting stuff.

Feeling like grabbing a little more romance from February? The Compulsive Reader has some great suggestions.
Watch. Connect. Read. brings us the Trailee Award Winners, the best book trailers of 2011!

Finally, check out all the new Cosmetic advertisements from the Capitol (of Panem)

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