Monday, January 9, 2012

Up and Coming: Girl meets Boy - edited by Kelly Miner Halls

Girl Meets Boy edited by Kelly Miner Halls

When you read a romance, normally you get one side of the story. Often that's what makes it romantic- one very rose colored view of the story.

What happens if you knew what the other person was thinking?

Maybe it wouldn't be quite such a swoon-fest, especially if the other person's intentions aren't quite so true. Or maybe, it turns something that seems pretty light weight into something a bit deeper.

In Girl Meets Boy a bunch of YA authors have paired up to give you a peek behind the eyes of both people involved in the relationship. And these include some pretty big name authors as well: Chris Crutcher, Rita Williams Garcia, Ellen Wittlinger and James Howe (just to name a few).

It's an anthology, so of course there are his and lows, but what made this book stick out for me is that each story had an interesting hook that could easily have been spun into its own book.

There's the hog farmer's daughter who is dating a beautiful Indian boy who doesn't eat pork, or is that the Indian transplant who is trying to make everyone happy but just wants to make out with his girlfriend and come home and go on runs with his dog? Either way, I loved it and wanted to read way more.

Then there's the skinny guy who is trying to harness his inner kung fu power while being distracted by goddess on the basketball team that uses the gym after his group finishes... or is that the tall girl who battles on the court and off it, but has an eye out for the somewhat shrimpy guy with the big voice who always cheers at her games?

Having both sides of the story lets the reader be a fly on the wall. By the end of Girl Meets Boy you'll be one fly with a whole lot of interesting stories to tell.

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