Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Remembering the Year at the Library (part 2)

We're excited to see what 2012 has in store for us. But, before we move on, here are our top 5 things that happened online and in person at APL in 2011:

5. Allen Zadoff stopped by the blog for a chat.
For theater week, we happened to be lucky enough to have the PERFECT author for the week stop by. Mr. Zadoff shared some inside stories of his own time in theater and also gave us a lot of behind-the-scenes info for his fantastic book, My Life, The Theater and Other Tragedies. If you ever were a techie, an actor or have attended a play in your lifetime-- you'll want to take a look at both Mr. Zadoff's book and his interview with us!

4. We had a Flashmob and helped out a library in need.

This summer you guys helped us go all out. You helped us kick off our summer of programming with an awesome flash mob! Thanks to the instructors at Bowen McCauley Dance and the hard work of everyone who turned out to dance, we were able to surprise the library patrons and get the summer started on the right foot.

Not only that, but this summer you helped us to raise money for our new sister library in Petit Goave Haiti! For every 4 books that you read, our Friends of the Library donated fifty cents to help rebuild the library there that was destroyed in 2010's earth quake. Because of the children and teens of APL who participated in summer reading this year, we were able to send $2,000 to our friends in Petit Goave!

3. Gayle Forman Appreciation Week
Oh Ms. Forman, we just think you are the best. You make us cry, you make us swoon, you make us check the catalog all the time to see if there's anything by you that we might have somehow missed. And this year you were all over our blog, you appeared at the Teen Author Carnival, your books were on our top tens and our teens' top ten lists, you gave us Team Adam buttons! Most exciting of all, you appeared on our blog for an interview in March!

If you didn't have the chance to check out Ms. Forman's books in 2011... well, it's officially not our fault that you missed out!

2. Sara Lewis Holmes visited all TAB day
 This was the tenth anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001 and our Arlington Reads theme this year had to do with soldiers and those they leave at home. Ms. Holmes was the perfect person to talk to middle school TAB this year and combine these two themes. She opened with a story about her daughter waiting to hear if her dad, who worked in the Pentagon on September 11 was okay. The middle school TAB students got to hear exactly what inspired her novel, Operation Yes. We left feeling inspired and committed to saying YES!

1. April Lindner and Jon Skovron starred in our author panel.
We were already big fans of both of these authors here on the blog (you can check out our posts on Mr. Skovron, the author of Misfit and Struts and Frets here and you can also see our posts about Ms. Lindner, the author of Jane ,the modern retelling of Jane Eyre, right here.). But that affection turned into LOVE when they came and visited us in early October! They traveled from out of town and came to speak to our High School TAB group (and anyone else who wanted to come) all out of the goodness of their hearts.

They told us about characters, what we can expect from them next, how they keep motivated, and much more. It was a night to remember for sure!

Happy New Year from the folks at TATAL!
We hope that 2012 brings many more awesome things and that you'll join us for all of them!

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