Friday, January 13, 2012

Read This, Watch That: Ice Skating Edition

It's not a winter Olympics year, but if you've been watching The World Juniors, getting caught up on the Capitals or just taking a few laps around the rink, we've got a Read This, Watch That for you!


Playing Hurt by Holly Schindler
Chelsea has had her eye on a basketball scholarship for years, she's put in the time and the work and she's got the talent. Everything seems to be on track until one horrific fall on the court completely knocks her options out from under her. All of the sudden she's nothing special. 

Clint Morgan used be the guy everyone thought was most likely to go pro in hockey. He was unstoppable on the ice. But those days are behind him now and all he wants to do is focus on his job at the lake resort (and his other two jobs). He can take the tourists hiking and fishing; work at his parent's restaurant and get back to college in the fall.

When Chelsea's dad hires Clint to help her get back in shape this summer, they are immediately at odds-- two people who would rather give up than play hurt, but each determined to change the other's mind.

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The Cutting Edge
(summary from Katie)
The ultimate movie about opposites attracting. On ice. Doug Dorsey was NHL bound until an injury brought his hockey career to an abrupt end. His options appear limited until one last coach shows up to invite him to a tryout. It just happens to be a figure skating tryout.

Kate Mosley is everything Doug is not--rich, classy, and a figure skater. But she is a pairs skater in desperate need of a partner. Desperate enough to try to convert a hockey player to her sport if she wants to achieve her dream of an Olympic gold medal. 

Their partnership, begun with a sort of reluctant desperation, quickly evolves into uneasy friendship fraught with romantic tension and fueled by their competitive natures. One of my all time favorites--this is a classic romantic comedy that you'll want to watch every year--Olympics or no.

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