Monday, January 30, 2012

Radio Week: Jonsi - Gathering Stories

Our first radio week entry is one that brings the adventure (and a great orchestral build too!)

Jonsi- Gathering Stories (from the "We Bought a Zoo" Soundtrack)

This song sounds like going on an adventure. Jonsi, the lead singer for the band, Sigur Rós is from Iceland, so it's not really a surprise that his music sounds like somewhere far-away and exciting. Also, the idea of living life by gathering stories, is pretty irresistible. 
Here are a few books that also promote a life of gathering stories, looking for the next great adventure.
Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard (see our full review here)
Bria is on her own for the first time, after breaking away from a less than adventurous tour group. She's now in the company of the gorgeous and well traveled Starling and her brother Rowan. Bria is just looking for a break from her everyday, but will she discover more on her trip to South America then she was looking for?

bonus video: Our trailer for Wanderlove

To Timbuktu: nine countries, two people, one true story by Casey Scieszka and Steven Weinberg (see full review here)
After college Casey and Steven decided against entry level jobs and internships. Instead they decided to try something a little more global and headed out to try teaching English in China. This is the first step in an adventure (our theme) that would lead them across continents and oceans (and to nine countries!). Travel along with them as you read Casey's words and look at Steven's drawings, by the time it's done, you'll find yourself suddenly checking the expiration date on your passport and looking at airfares. It will be hard to resist the travel bug when you're done. 

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