Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Lit Spotlight: New Trilogies

After all those award books, Katie brings us back to some new releases. Here's a trio of trilogies.

For better or worse, trilogies seem to be around to stay in the YA Lit World. So rather than fight the trend, we may as well embrace it, by celebrating the beginning, middle, and end of some excellent three book sets.

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi
The newest addition to the rapidly growing dystopian lit genre, this is one book that is not to be missed. The story is told in the alternating voices of Aria, who grew up in a world where nearly all interaction was virtual and there was no pain or suffering, and Perry, who grew up on the “outside” where it seems that pain and suffering are a constant companion. When Aria is cast out of her community under suspicious circumstances, she must join with Perry if she has any hope of survival, and meanwhile, Perry must offer her his protection if he ever hopes to see his nephew again. They are supported by a strong cast of characters in a richly realized futuristic world that is both different and similar to our own. This book has all the requisite plot twists, mystery, imagination, and romance that we’ve come to expect from this genre. Check it out.

A Million Suns by Beth Revis
Book two of a trilogy is a tricky thing, it has to act as a bridge between all the rising action of the first book and the rousing conclusion of the third book without sacrificing any of the pace or plot. Luckily, Beth Revis is a master of both pace and plot and A Million Suns hits the ground running from where Across the Universe ended and never lets up. Elder is now in charge of the ship, Godspeed. Amy wants to accept his leadership, but she was raised in a society where it was okay to question authority, especially when it doesn’t align with your own interests. And so Amy is swept away on a mission of her own to decide the fate of the Godspeed, but there may not be a ship to save if Elder cannot restore order and find his way as a leader. This is a truly compelling and unforgettable series.

The Jade Notebook by Laura Resau
And finally, a bit of conclusion for us all--a book 3 of 3! For those of us who have followed the adventures of Zeeta and Wendell to this point, we know we can expect exotic settings, mysterious happenings, internal struggles, and profound insights from their stories. The Jade Notebook brings our intrepid heroes to Mexico, where they may have finally found a home and an end to Zeeta’s 17 years of wandering. But the jaguars, poachers, and strangers lurking in the jungle might have something to say about that. This book transcends travel or mystery to instead be a book about growing up, learning to trust and let go, and finding belonging within a family and a community. A fitting end to this unique trilogy.

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