Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best of 2011: Remembering the Year at the Library (part 1)

Give a cheer for 2011 at the library!
We're still getting used to the new year. And we'll probably be writing the old year by mistake for a good week or so... BUT before 2011 gets completely away from us, we wanted to look back at all the great things that happened both online and in the library at APL this year.

Lets take a look at some of our favorite things (eleven of them- to be exact)!

11:We found our new mascots!
So, technically this happened in 2010 but, this was the year where our cardboard men really found their true voice. And they were joined by Legolas. It's a trio that can't be beat and we hope they provide us with many more years of entertainment.

10. Teens Tell it Like it Is
This is one that we hope will be on our list every year. We were lucky this year to have a few teens who were happy to share their true feelings about what they read. Sure it's our job as librarians to read and read and tell you what we liked and what we think you might like, but it's much more awesome when we hear it straight from you. Thanks to Jordan, CJ, Mairead and Libby for taking the time to share your opinions with us!

9. Read This, Watch That Took Off:
This might be our favorite category ever. Is there anything better than a good book/movie pairing? Okay there might be... but it's still pretty awesome.

8. Banned Books at the Library 2011:
This year the library really got into embracing the freedom to read. We had several displays, video book talks, a QR project and more. Did you read a banned book in 2011?

7. An International Summer
This may have been a summer to staycation. But it was our summer of travel! Every week we talked reviewed books from a different part of the world. One of our bloggers even traveled to Iceland just to find the best YA lit about that country... okay, so maybe it was more cause she wanted to go there, but still! If you wanted to travel to another part of the world without printing a boarding pass, this was the way to do it.

6. Saying Goodbye to Harry
The last book may have come out in 2007, but we held on to the trio as long as we could. This year marked the premiere of the last part of the last movie. We honored the departure of our favorite series with a week of coverage. We like to think that Harry would have enjoyed it. 

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