Thursday, December 8, 2011

Red Glove by Holly Black

Red Glove  by Holly Black

This is the sequel to the awesome urban fantasy novel, White Cat, which you can check out our review for here

Things do not come easily for Cassel Sharpe. The girl of his dreams only looks twice at him when she's under the influence of a curse that Cassel would do anything to undo. His family can only seem to come together when they want to con someone, which they are way too good at. Oh and then there's school full of people who think he's crazy after last year's rooftop incident. This was already too much for Cassel to juggle before he got on the radar of the Feds. Would working for them mean he was betraying his curse-working family? Does he have any other choice?

This summary sounds confusing, but it's only because I am trying so hard to be NON-SPOILERY. The best things about these book are the twists and turns that they take. If you immerse yourself in the world where Cassel lives, you will quickly understand this version of the U.S., where everyone wears gloves to protect themselves from the anonymous among us who have the power to curse you with the touch of a hand. It's scary, gritty, interesting stuff.

What really makes these novels special though is Cassel as your narrator. I want to nominate him for best narrator of the year. He is SMART, quick thinking and very suspicious- three things which separate him from a lot of mystery novel protagonists. This is not a book that waits for you to figure out the clues, Cassel is putting things together and he's doing it fast, fast, fast- if you can't keep up, don't worry, he'll bring you along for the ride.

And what a wild ride it is too. Part mafia novel part urban fantasy and part boarding school drama, this series gets its mix just right. We are counting down the days until Black Heart comes out on April 3.

Bonus video for readers of this series- What to do if you think you've been "worked":

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