Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Things to Do Before you Crash and Burn by James Proimos

12 Things to Do Before you Crash and Burn
by James Proimos

America loves James (Hercules) Martino's dad. He was the type of self help guru who you might catch hawking his advice on the home shopping network at 4 am. But his advice was never all that helpful to James. Now his dad is dead and James seems to be less sad than the people who keep offering him condolences every where he goes.

This is not a tear jerker. Instead it's a book that you'd expect to find wedged in the backseat of any high school guys car. It's fast, funny and talks the way an actual member of the high school male species might. If that sounds like your kind of thing-- check out 12 Things ASAP.

James heads off for two weeks with his uncle in Baltimore. His uncle gives him a list of 12 tasks to keep him occupied. Under normal circumstances James would be totally uninterested in completing any of the tasks, but the list seems to lead him in the path of beautiful (if unattainable) women and adventure. Which is a little better than lying around and watching daytime tv while his uncle is at work.

There are run ins with dogs, Winnie the Pooh, horses, a pizza girl and more. It's fourteen days of action and a bit of philosophy packed into this slim little volume. It will make you crack up and also perhaps consider completing James' uncle's 12 things for yourself. After all, Baltimore is not that far away and the pizza sounds really good....

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