Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Days of YA Lit (part 3)

Today we're continuing our trip through the 12 Days of YA Lit.
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Here comes Part 3:

Day 6: Six Books with Fins
Make a splash with these mermaid books. If your choice of fantasy character is one with scales, then this was the year for you. Aquatic adventures abound if you are interested. This is not Ariel's under-the-sea. Hold your breath and dive in (we have more puns, but we figure you've got the point).

Day 5: Five Books Where the Ghosts are Waiting for You
Haunting Violet; From Bad to Cursed
 October is not the only time when we want to be scared. There's plenty of room in the rest of the year for a good ghost story. Here are five to give you goose bumps. Last year we had plenty of books about people who could see the dead (and there's lots more this year, but we wanted to give you new categories), so it makes sense that we've got lots of ghosts this year who can see the living. 

We had to include this one, as it was the trend we kept trying to make happen. Chalk one up for the classic American career-- the cowboys are back. Here are a few books that are ready for any riding on the range that you can throw at them. Inside you'll find rodeos; race horses; cattle drives; boots and absolutely NO sparkling. What more can you ask for?

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