Friday, November 4, 2011

Where is the Love for Eyewear? An Investigative Look.

When reading about Young Adult Lit, you often come across book cover controversies.  YA books are about all sorts of people, but the covers don't always reflect the same kind of diversity.

You can check out author Justine Larbalestier's essay about what happened with the cover of her (fantastically creepy) novel, Liar,  here.

You can also check out the very eloquent Malinda Lo's two cents on book covers and race.

This is all to say that we totally realize that there are major problems with what goes on covers... and ours is pretty small when compared to them.... ANYWAY! On to our quest!

WHERE is the love for people with glasses??  
More than 150 million Americans use corrective eyewear and yet the only YA book covers we could find (in our search of books on the shelf) where a character wore glasses belonged to a certain boy wizard....

We think he's a pretty dashing wizard, even more so with his eyewear.

So, we put the question out to our Facebook page and the library's twitter patrons... We had two responses: Alcatraz versus the Librarians by Brandon Sanderson and The Genius Wars by Catherine Jinks.

Can you think of any others that we're missing?

There are definitely lots of characters who are rocking fabulous glasses in the pages of their books. (Sometimes they get stepped on during hijinks, sometimes they get lost, sometimes they just help the characters to see!) We want to know why they aren't showing them off on the covers of their shiny books?

Glasses wearers are cute! Glasses wearers are handsome! Glasses wearers are people too!


kathryn said...

Series of Unfortunate Events features Klaus in glasses. Not exactly corrective eye-wear, but Ally Carter's Heist Society has sunglasses, Scott Westerfeld's Behemoth has goggles, and Andrew Smith's The Marbury Lens has, well, lenses.

Anonymous said...

With photographs it is really hard to get a good picture because you have to deal with the flash. No Flash? No clear, accurately colored pictures. Flash? Bizarre glares from the lenses. That's why most of the covers with characters who wear glasses are not an photographed image, but a drawing.

nico said...

Aha! So interesting! Thanks for the information. We thought there had to be some explanation-- with all the photos of faces that make it on to covers, to find so few pairs of glasses was just weird.