Monday, November 14, 2011

Teen Review: An Open Letter to Stephanie Perkins

Our fantastic teen volunteer and blogger, CJ, stops by with a few words for one of our favorite authors:

Thank you. You have finally accomplished my dream book; good music, nerdy boys, fun girls, and bringing in characters from your other novel. While I know that all of these things have occurred in other books, none have done it as well as you. At the end of Anna and the French Kiss, you left an untold story, and with Lola we not only get a new story but the confirmation that our dream characters are still in love.

Again you have left me speechless in writing about girls who are actually normal, something I feel that there is a lack of. The way you incorporate characters that reflect society is also something I don't find in many books today, and I read a lot of books. Thanks for being made of awesome.


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