Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Katie's Time Travel Reads for 2011

Sometimes the holidays make you crave a bit of time travel--- Katie is here to give you some recommendations, perfect for this very thing:

In keeping with this year's travel theme on the blog, here are two recommended reads for those of you seeking adventures not limited to the geographic variety. Or maybe you just want a bit of romance, no matter what the time or place. Indeed, everyone could probably use a bit more time travel romance in their lives.

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier

This book was an international bestseller before it was even published in the United States. And even in translation, it’s not surprising. This book is so easy to love. Spunky heroine? Check. Mysterious goings-ons? Yup. Crazy family secrets? You bet. Hot English dude? Present. It’s sort of the whole package. Or at least one-third of the package as this is the first book in a trilogy (surprise, surprise).

Meet 16-year-old Gwyneth. She’s had the pleasure of growing up in a family of time travelers--one of the two great time traveling families, in fact--but she isn’t one herself (or so everyone has reason to believe). All signs point to her cousin as being the one carrying the traveling gene. And so it is her cousin who has spent her entire life preparing to be plopped down in various parts of the past and complete a top secret project that has spanned centuries and is nearing its culmination. So when it turns out that it’s Gwyneth who will be carrying on the family tradition and it’s on her shoulders that the pressure rests, she finds herself ill-prepared to face the challenges of the past, especially in the form of the Count of Saint Germain. Luckily, it’s nothing a bit of courage, quick-thinking, strong support network, and the help of the handsome Gideon can’t fix. At least we hope. The action and suspense really builds by the end of the book, only to culminate in a rather abrupt cliffhanger. Luckily, the first chapter of the next book is included in this version, so readers can get a peek at the sequel, Sapphire Blue. Although most will find themselves wishing they could read the German edition that is already available in Europe.

Warped by Maurissa Guibord

Unlike Gwyneth, Tessa doesn’t grow up with the knowledge that time travel exists. It’s not something passed down to her through her family. It comes to her instead through an auction in the form of a 16th-century unicorn tapestry. From the beginning the tapestry holds a strange power over Tessa, but she can’t possibly know what 500 year old secrets she is going to unlock when she pulls on a loose thread... or who she’s going to bring out of the past.

Will de Chauncy was tricked by Gray Lily’s magic centuries ago. But what role does Tessa have in both his past, present, and future? With the Fates playing their part and the occasional magical beast threatening to destroy them all, it’s impossible not to get swept up in this tale of intrigue that defies time or place. And, lo and behold, this book appears to be a stand-alone work with a real ending that will leave readers feeling satisfied--maybe for the first time in quite a while.

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