Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Every You, Every Me by David Levithan

Every You, Every Me by David Levithan

Sometimes authors follow the same kind of story every time they right a book. It works for them, and maybe they are totally awesome at it, but that's the only type of book they write. David Levithan is not this type of writer. This makes him a pretty exciting author to follow because you get to read really finely crafted, interesting books, but you don't know exactly what to expect.

What if, one day, you're walking home from school and you find an envelope. On the ground. You take it home, look inside and there is a picture... of you.

This is the very creepy premise of Every You, Every Me. Evan has been having a hard year as it is. Now someone is following him and leaving him photos that show that they've been stalking him. He wasn't doing well before and now his grip on what's real and what's not is getting looser and looser.

It's a tense thriller with some serious twists and turns. And all along the way there are pictures. These are really interesting and dreamy pictures that definitely add an element of mystery to the book. When were they taken? Who is taking them? What is going on in them? You will be trying to figure them out along with Evan.

This was a book that, once things started rolling, I could not put down. If you like really fast paced psychological mysteries you will want to check this one out. Fans of David Levithan will also be treated to something new and exciting, but what else could they expect?

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