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College Prep Basics: So Many Colleges, Which Ones to Write Applications For?

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Searching for the perfect college?

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First of all, check out last year's post on this topic here:
Books to Help You Choose a College and Write the Essay

And now, here are some more resources to help you with your search!

Check out US News and World Reports annual rankings here

You can also check out our electronic resources on the topic here.

For a more in depth look at choosing the college that fits your interests, here are a few books to dive in to:
 (with annotations from the catalog records)

College Navigator: Find a School to Match Any Interest from Archery to Zoology Surveying thousands of undergraduates to provide a microscopic level of detail, lists include everything from academics and dorms to the best places for hang gliding or studying animal nutrition. By consulting and cross-referencing lists, a student will be able to find that one perfect fit–for example, a liberal arts college with great study abroad opportunities, or a college offering a mythology major and a fantastic lacrosse team.
 The Best 373 Colleges
The Best 373 Colleges
is a comprehensive college guide written for any student or parent mystified by the confusing college admissions process. This essential college-planning guide, from the experts at The Princeton Review, provides the facts about the best schools in the country, popular college ranking lists, and the information needed to make a smart decision about which schools to consider.

Choosing the Right College, 2012-13 : the whole truth about America's top schools
A guide for students interested in attending a college with conservative values.  Updated and expanded, Choosing the Right College 2012-13 features incisive essays, telling statistics, and revealing sidebars on 140 schools—Ivy League institutions, state universities, liberal arts colleges, religious schools, military academies, and lesser-known schools worth a careful look.

Colleges that Change Lives : 40 schools that will change the way you think about colleges by  Loren Pope
Profiles forty colleges that focus on individual needs and academic standards, provides insider tips for choosing a school based on personality, and discusses such topics as homeschooling and learning disabilities.Pope presents a revised edition of his guide to 40 lesser-known colleges located around the U.S. that offer an educational experience to rival that of the Ivy League and major universities in the country.  

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