Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What I Would Have Read: Travel Stories

I grew up in a small town that wasn't really near any cities at all. Going to a city was a major deal , but that was about as far as my traveling bug ever went. When I went to college I was so happy to FINALLY be in a city that I never felt the need to study abroad. It already felt pretty far from where I started (even though in travel time it was only a couple of hours).

That's why my reading wish for my teenaged self would be all the world travel stories that can be found on the YA shelves! Maybe if I'd read about Casey and Steven's world travels to teach and create in to Timbuktu or Bria's travel quest for independence in Wanderlove I might have wanted to seek out a few less domestic destinations of my own.

I think it would have been good for me to meet Anna and Etienne in Paris and travel around some European Hostels with Ginny. Who knows, maybe I'd have ended up backpacking my way across Asia? Or speaking fluent German! I'm glad these books exist now and maybe they'll encourage some other country mice to journey a little farther as well.

Do you wish that you had some more wanderlust in your blood? Maybe you should check out some of our travel inspiring reads as well.

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