Tuesday, October 25, 2011

L-O-L-A! Lola is finally here!

In which Katie and Nico geek out on their love of all things Stephanie Perkins and her new novel, Lola and the Boy Next Door

Have you ever had a favorite author where you think, “this author is writing this book just for me?” For many of the writers of this blog, that author is Stephanie Perkins. We loved (loved, loved, loved) Anna and the French Kiss (see our reviews here) and we were holding our breath for her second novel to come out. (We did fill our time by following her hilarious Twitter feed and also her very cool new Tumblr account). Now that it’s here and we’ve had the chance to tear through it, Katie and Nico weigh in on how it held up.

We present this to you, in text message form. Nico was reading (all in one go) and texting Katie (who had already finished)- This will give you a true understanding of excitement levels:


N: It’s so good already and I’m only one chapter in.

N: Etienne, oh how I’ve missed you

N: There’s a boy in the window! Like Clarissa Explains It All.

K: I KNOW. And Lola has a very funky Clarissa-esque style, too. It’s perfect.

N: I want all of Lola’s glasses. More characters should have funky glasses. I approve.

N: Oh my gosh. I’m so glad it’s this good.

N: I love Cricket. Who is this older boy with the cool tattoos standing between Lola and Cricket happiness?

K: Max is oh so old. But he’s in a band. Nevertheless, Cricket is oh so wonderful. Surely Lola must see this.


K: I am trapped in a Cricket v. Etienne fictional love triangle. How’s a girl to choose?

N: So hard to choose! Oh Stephanie, the choices you make us make!

N: No, I'd choose Etienne, I think. He’s pretty charming and English.

K: I love a cute nerd, though. Points for Cricket. The war of Brits vs. Adorable Nerds is one that will wage in my heart forever. How did the Sperkins know?

N: Sperkins is a goddess of perfect boys. I love a cute tall nerd too…


N: Cricket and the window bridge? Brilliant.

K: And Lola’s mad skills with a sewing needle ... I want to be her. I was lucky to sew a straight line in high school.

N: Agreed. I want to be like her in many ways. Also I wish I knew her dads-- especially because I need more pie in my life.

N: The Olympic trials...!!!

K: YES!!! I know!

N: Oh man! Oh man! Sperkins! The surprises just keep coming. Love it!

N: And the ice skating! Calliope is such the perfect skater- so driven. Like a ballerina, but maybe MORE INTENSE.

N: Way way better to read with you there to gush to.

K: Haha. Reading alone was hard!

N: I bet! The matching chucks are making me teary.

K: The chucks were written for you. She also mentions them in the acknowledgments.

N: They are totally for me.


N: I’m going to read it again.

K: Happiest sigh ever.

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