Wednesday, September 7, 2011

TAB- What is it? How can I join?

On Facebook and here on the blog, you may see references to TAB and wonder how you could be part of this cool sounding acronym.  TAB stands for Teen Advisory Board, the library's book group- there's a middle and a high school version and it's all awesome. You get first picks at books that are nominated for the Best Fiction for Young Adults list.

If you are a middle school student, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your school to go to TAB. Each school is different, but it's most likely that you'd meet during your lunch break once or twice a month. You'll be the only ones to check out the special collection of TAB books and you get to talk about them with other students, your school librarian and a public librarian. It's a fun way to get your hands on a lot of books that might otherwise have a reaaaallly long holds list.

And, in the spring, you and your classmates will vote on the top 10 books from the collection and your picks will be put on bookmarks  that go to all the schools and the public libraries.

For more info, check out your school library's site:
Gunston                            Jefferson Hilt                      
H-B Woodlawn                 Kenmore
Jefferson                           Swanson                         
For High School students, things work a little bit differently. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month (though with school starting this week, the September meeting is September 13) from 5-6:15 at Central library.

Just like with the middle school group, you get first dibs at a selection of awesome books (check out the picture on the left and you can get a glimpse of some we are really excited about) and vote on a top 10 at the end of the year.

It's also a fun time to get to talk to teens from other schools and learn what everyone has been reading in school and out. It's fun, it can get a little heated (especially if we're talking about Holden Caulfield) and we think that if you like books you'll have a great time hanging out with this group.

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