Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shows in Books! Plays in Lit! A Scientific Study

We took a look at the books on our list of theater related books and wondered, what plays are being put on in these fictional schools?
This is the sort of thing that we just had to investigate further. Because we are librarians (or nerds) for goodness sake! So we took to the shelves and tabulated the productions, here's our results:

This was not a particularly scientific study, but we did found that two shows appeared a couple times.

Guys and Dolls
Shows up in Carter Finally Gets It and The View from the Top.
We think this one is popular in books for the same reasons it's popular in high schools- there's a ton of parts for both guys and girls, people know it and there's a bunch of great songs. Reader's know what the show is and can picture the book characters in the roles without the author having to spend a lot of time explaining it all to us.

Shows up in The Joys of Love and Are These My Basoomas I see Before Me.
Och Aye, the Scots Play! Again, this is one that people know- but they also know that it's BAD LUCK to talk about it in a theater if you're not putting it on! And Scottish accents are funny.  I mean it's also great for metaphors and dark and scary scenes too, but for Louise Rennison's book, we're thinking the accents were what did it.

So did we miss any? Got any favorite shows that show up in lit? Let us know! Our study has made us VERY curious!

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