Friday, September 23, 2011

Post Card Friday: Travel to Central America with 2 Up and Coming Titles!

Our summer postcard series took you around the world, but it overlooked one rather significant region: Latin America. But, Katie and I have been lucky to come across some great books set in that very area. I'll give you one to look forward to and Katie has a few to check out now!

Wanderlove by Kristen Hubbard

Release Date: March 13,2013

Bria is done being the girl that does what everyone else wants. She's done enough of that over her eighteen years to last a lifetime. So she's striking out on her own, to Guatemala. Okay, not quite on her own, with a tour group that sounds amazing and ready for adventure.

Except, the Global Vagabonds turn out to be more middle-aged than middle-of-the-jungle and Bria feels like once again she's missing the adventure. So, when she gets the chance to break free from the pack and head off with two back-packers, she jumps at it.

So now she's on an entirely new adventure with Starling and her brother Rowan. They're both gorgeous and well traveled and Bria is way over her head. But maybe that's exactly what she's looking for. Bria's trying to be more adventurous and daring after all. Of course, that's a bit of a problem for Rowan who is trying his hardest to be less wild. When Starling needs to return to her day job, Rowan and Bria are now one travel pair with two very different goals.

This book is the fiction companion to To Timbuktu (see our review here), it is the perfect escape from your ordinary life. Suddenly you're in Central America with one very cute, very off-limits guy. What a perfect vacation from regular. Kristen Hubbard also includes Bria's sketches (they are beautifully done by the author) and Rowan's rules for traveling, and it feels like a scrapbook of a journey that you wish you had taken.

It comes out in grey March, when we could all use a taste of something more tropical. Write this one down as an antidote to slush and cold weather. This is the kind of literary chicken soup I'd like to have. Though it may leave you with a serious case of wanderlust... or wanderlove.

We were inspired to make our first animated book trailer for Wanderlove, enjoy!

While you’re waiting for Kristen Hubbard’s backpacking tour of Guatemala and Belize in 2012, check out author Laura Resau whose books will take you from Mexico to Ecuador and beyond.

Red Glass  is the ultimate road trip book. Following a U.S.-Mexico border crossing gone bad, our heroine Sophie finds herself journeying from Arizona through Mexico City and ultimately to Guatemala with a very rag tag group of fellow travelers: Dika, a survivor of the war in Bosnia (who may or may not be Sophie’s great aunt); Dika’s Guatemalan boyfriend; his teenage son, Angel; and Pablo, the 6-year-old Mexican boy who lost his family in the border crossing. If that doesn’t sound enough like a recipe for adventure, throw in issues of immigration, government corruption, gang violence, and one heck of a romance, and you’ll soon find that this is a very hard book to put down.

Laura Resau is also the author of the Notebook Trilogy which takes the reader from Latin America to Europe and back again (in The Jade Notebook due out in February 2012). The Indigo Notebook begins the story of 16-year-old Zeeta, who moves to a new country every year with her English-teaching, free-spirited mother, Layla. As a result, Zeeta has grown up with a unique world view and the ability to make friends with the most interesting characters. Although she’s a teenager, in many ways, Zeeta is the adult in her relationship with her mother. She’s convinced that a stable life is a happy life and would do anything to settle down in one place. But when Wendell arrives in Ecuador on the same plane as Zeeta, looking for his birth family, Zeeta discovers that some lives are meant to be different...

Laura Resau’s books are perfect reads for anyone with a case of wanderlust (or Wanderlove, for that matter) or for those of you who just want a break from American History and chemistry homework. Sprinkled with mystery and a touch of magical realism, Resau also tackles everyday teenage issues about self-image, relationships, and families against the backdrop of these exotic settings. 

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