Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Life, The Theater and Other Tragedies by Allen Zadoff

As you know, this Friday (TOMORROW!) we'll be visited by the author of this book! He's the reason we are throwing a theater theme week and the reason we asked him is we love his books! Here's a little more about his newest:

My Life, The Theater and Other Tragedies by Allen Zadoff
Adam's had a rough time lately, his dad died and he's been struck with sudden and intense panic attacks in the dark- not so great if you're in charge of the follow spot and spend quite a bit of time without the lights.

But he loves being a techie in the school's drama department and he's determined to keep his job in the rafters. Adam's friends are techies, the people who keep the actors in clothes, sets and lights. They've tried to be there for Adam, but he's been keeping his problems tight to his chest. Instead he's trying the old withdraw-and-pretend-everything's-fine technique. But when he stumbles into the ire of the school's genius student producer (who's got an ego the size of the school football field) it seems like things might go from bad to worse without their help.

There's one more thing. Adam's got a crush... on a girl who should totally be off limits to him. Not because she's a cheerleader or someone's girlfriend, but because she's an actress. Summer is one of the "talent" who get all the applause and seem to have no appreciation for all the hard work that goes on to make the theater ready for them each night. Falling for her would be like a Montegue falling for a Capulet, a Jet falling for a Shark, okay maybe that's a little dramatic, but it certainly would not go over well with EITHER the actors or the techies.

If you love theater you will laugh out loud at all the details that Mr. Zadoff gets right. It's a great trip behind the scenes. It's also funny, poignant and full of characters who you'd want to be friends with. Even if you aren't a theater nerd, this insider's look will make you want to give a standing ovation.

This 60 second recap is great!

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