Monday, September 12, 2011

Middle School Monday: The Juliet Club

The Juliet Club by Suzanne Harper

In more than one Shakespeare novel there are couples who seem to be ending up with the wrong people until the very end. The comedies are full of this sort of thing, sometimes because the characters have been bewitched by fairies and some of them are dressed in disguise... but it all works out in the end. The Juliet Club is full of this kind of mix-up and the fun of it is seeing how it will shake up.

Practical Kate has won a writing contest and now she's off to Italy to attend a Shakespeare symposium. She's always been very practical and matter-of-fact and she's not about to get swept up in any lovey-dovey stuff....right?

At the symposium she meets other students, both American and Italian. Soon they are involved in a swirl of activity, getting ready for a Shakespeare festival and helping the Juliet Club answer some of the thousands of letters that are written to Juliet each year. And of course along with all the work, comes all the sparks flying between the students in this extremely romantic atmosphere. Even practical Kate may find her head turned by all the love in the air.

If you've ever wanted to jump into a scene from Shakespeare or fall in love with Italy or feel a little star-crossed, you will love The Juliet Club. Get carried away today!

For more info: Check out this video from the author, Suzanne Harper!

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