Thursday, September 1, 2011

LIE by Caroline Bock

LIE by Caroline Bock

 Sometimes you read a book and it stays with you after you close the back cover. LIE is that type of book. In just one night the lives of 6 teens and their families will never be the same.

The book starts with a quote from the NY Times: “The attacks were such an established pastime that the youths, who have pleaded not guilty, had a casual and derogatory term for it: ‘beaner hopping." It goes on to tell the (fictional) story of what happens in the aftermath of one of these shocking acts of violence.

We go back and forth, learning details of the night (and the nights that follow) from three of the white teens involved in the beating, the Hispanic brother of the victim, their parents and teachers. Everyone in disbelief that the night went as it did. The only person we don't hear from is Jimmy, who is sitting in jail waiting for a murder trial.

LIE has a double meaning here as it also stands for the Long Island Expressway, where this story takes place. It's haunting and disturbing and all too real. If you like your books ripped from the headlines, you will be wanting to take a look at this book.

 This is Bock's first novel, but it is so thought provoking and human that we really want to see where she goes from here.

Here's the official book trailer to give you another look:


Caroline Bock said...

Wow! Thank you! I'm not sure where I'm going from LIE - but when I get there I will let you know!! Caroline

nico said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and please do let us know what's next!