Tuesday, September 20, 2011

College Prep: Get in Shape for the SATs

You're back to school and for some of you that means that it's time to start the gear up process for standardized tests. Don't feel lost at sea, in addition to all the resources you've got at school, we have some FREE and awesome tools for you to get ready to rock those tests.

The most exciting new resource we have to tell you about is TERC: Testing and Education Reference Center. It's a really fantastic collection of tools for you- there's tools to search for colleges and scholarships. But for today, we love that fact that you can take practice tests for PSATs, SATs and APs. Even more than that though, you can take a free online course to prep for these exams- it gives you a pre-test and then tailors the course to YOU.

We also have Learning Express Library, where you can take lots of practice tests in everything from SATs to your Driver's Exams. Create an account with Learning Express and you can track your progress as you practice.

For more traditional book-type tools, Check out our list of some good SAT Prep books here  and our Test Prep Subject Guide here.

All of these are FREE to you with your library card, so we hope you'll check them out!

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