Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Later, We Remember

Our blog is officially for teens starting in sixth grade, which means that some of you were very small when September 11 happened. If you would like more information from the library about the date, please check out their spotlight here.

Ten years ago I was a high school senior, one who wasn't anywhere near DC or NYC, but I still can't think of a book that better described how it felt to be a teen on September 11, 2001 than David Levithan's book, Love is the Higher Law. So today, we're reposting an earlier review and hoping that everyone takes some time to remember, or if you were too young for that to be possible, to learn.

In Love is the Higher Law, David Levithan plunks you down onto the streets of New York in the minutes, days and months after those attacks. Instead of being ten years out from the event, there you are on that Tuesday, with the bright blue sky above you.

So, why read a book that time warps you back to that day? Well, what could be a really dark and depressing book, in this author's hands is something remarkably hopeful. Claire and Peter are seniors in 2001 and Jasper is days away from starting his senior year. There stories get intertwined in a way that might never have happened had their days gone just a little differently.

Another reason to love Love is the Higher Law is its depiction of New York. A city coming together and getting back on its feet. Levithan was in New York City and kept a journal of that day and many of those notes ended up in these pages. Because of these details, the book feels authentic and readers care for the three main characters as they attempt to get their lives back in order in a world that is forever changed.

This is a unique book that not only documents a moment in time, but gives readers three characters with interesting voices and story lines that ring true.

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