Thursday, August 4, 2011

Top 5 Icy Cold Thrillers

This summer has been hot. Ridiculously hot. Soooooo hot. And it's only the beginning of August, so we're not sure that the heat is done with us. In order to do battle with this crazy heat, we're offering you this list of books that will give you goosebumps and hopefully bring your core temperature down a few degrees...

These come to you from the mysterious, Librarian M.

Thrilling Books for 2011:

Jasper Jones:by Craig Silvey

Charlie is all set for a relaxing summer when Jasper Jones shows him the body of a dead girl and asks for Charlie's help with catching the killer. Charlie's life gets more and more complicated as he deals with Jasper's revelations and everything else that is going wrong in his life.

Nightspell by Leah Cypress

Darri and her brother Varis journey to save her sister Callie from having to marry the prince of Ghostland. As soon as they arrive they get a surprise and the secrets keep coming as Darri tries to find a way out of Ghostland for her sister. Lots of palace intrigue, magic, and murders keep the suspense going.

I Don't Want to Kill You by Dan Wells

The third book in the John Cleaver series. John has challenged a demon to a fight and it seems as if this demon has come to town. How many people are going to die before John figures out who the demon is?

Wither by Lauren DeStaphano

In the future girls only live to be 20 and boys only live to be 25, so marriage and babies have to happen quickly. Rhine, along with two other girls, finds herself kidnapped and sold to a wealthy family to wed only child Linden. Her only wish is to escape back to New York and her brother, but Linden's creepy father is determined to keep everyone locked up tight.

Flip by Martyn Bedford

One morning Alex wakes up and finds himself in the wrong bedroom, the wrong house, and the wrong body! He is trapped inside the body of a boy named Flip and he doesn't know how to get back to his old life, or if that is even possible.

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