Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top 5 Books about Life after High School

Are any of you readers starting your senior year at the beginning of September? You're about 180 days from standing and looking out at your future! Terrifying! Exciting! Yike!

We've got a top 5 list for books that take place starting right from that moment. So you'll have an idea of what might be waiting for you.

Love Story by Jennifer Echols
Erin is starting her creative writing program in New York City. In her freshman English class, she has the chance to get comments on the romance novel that she's been working on. It's a novel about an heiress and her stable boy--- based loosely on her used-to-be life. All is going well until Hunter, the boy who she happened to be behind that stable boy character, shows up in her English class. All she can do is hope he doesn't read between the lines.

Funny How Things Change  by Melissa Wyatt (more on this book)
Remy has it figured out. He's going to move with his girlfriend and work on cars in the college town where she'll be taking classes. But that means leaving behind the West Virginia mountainside that he loves. Is that a sacrifice he's willing to make?

Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen (more on this book)
Auden has always done exactly what was expected of her. She got good grades, studied hard, was accepted to college and now...what? She's about to enter adulthood officially, but she feels like she's already been here for a long time. Can one summer at the beach give her back some of the childhood that she lost?

To Timbuktu by Casey Scieszka and Jon Weinberg (more on this book)
Casey and Jon were bit by the travel bug in college. A semester abroad was just not enough for them. So, after they finished up school they headed out on an open ended trip that ended up stretching through nine countries. If you've got a touch of wanderlust, this book will make you think about just how far you'd be willing to roam!

Scott Pilgrim by Bryan O'Malley (summary by Librarian M!)

Scott Pilgrim has no job. Scott Pilgrim lives in a one room apartment with his gay best friend. Scott Pilgrim is dating a high-schooler! So, Scott doesn't seem to have much going for him, but then he meets Ramona Flowers and realizes she is the girl of his dreams. There's a catch to dating Ramona- Scott is going to have to defeat all of her seven evil exes. Can Scott win all these fights? Who are all these evil exes? Is Ramona worth the trouble? Read all six volumes of Scott Pilgrim to find out.

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