Friday, August 26, 2011

Postcard Friday (supersized edition): Oh Canada!

Oh Canada, you hold a special place in my heart. For many reasons, scenery, amazingly named money, excellent indie-rock bands and being my husband's home country (personal info alert!). And so, the last Postcard Friday is for you. And we promise not to refer to you as America's hat.

We start with a guest review from the above mentioned Canadian Husband. He's a citizen, not a librarian, but he still counts! 

Jolted: Newton Starker's Rules for Survival by Arthur Slade

It's not often one runs into stories that take place in my home province of Saskatchewan, so I was happy to take on a review of Jolted: Newton Starker's Rules for Survival to wrap up this week's trip to Canada. And really, as far as I'm concerned there's fewer more beautiful places than the wide open prairie in the province more commonly known as "that eight-hour nap between Winnipeg and Calgary."

Have you ever thought that regular high school is a bit dull? If so, then perhaps the Jerry Potts Academy of Survival outside of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, might be the place for you. (Moose Jaw really does exist, as do the tunnels underneath it that Al Capone allegedly used during Prohibition. One Troy Brouwer of our Washington Capitals played his junior hockey there. Brooks Laich and Braden Holtby are also from Saskatchewan. Just so you know, eh?).

Anyway, if you're a freshman with a familial curse involving being fatally struck by lightning (the fate of all Starkers up to the present, including one Newton Starker), it definitely seems like a good place to learn a thing or two about survival. On top of the 20-odd survival rules Newton's developed to avoid lightning, at any rate. The school uniform involves kilts and a sgian dubh (a small dagger), the curriculum includes Culinary Arts and Survival (a favorite of our budding chef protagonist) and a quarterly survival exercise out in the wilds of Western Canada.

If that's not enough, Newton must confront girls who are totally confusing, making a talented, if odd, writer friend (aren't all writers odd, though?), caring for a French truffle pig named Josephine and, of course, dodging all that pesky lightning!

Additional Canadian Books, summarized by your non-Canadian librarian:

Airborn- by Kenneth Oppel
In a world where people travel by airship instead of airplane, the airship captain is king. Matt has lived on board ships nearly his whole life and he dreams of one day taking the job of captain for his own. But when a girl comes aboard who can't seem to stay out of trouble, Matt is forced to keep an eye on her. But if he can't control her whims will his hopes be dashed as well?

Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley
Oh Scott Pilgrim. You need to get your act together. Why are you living in Wallace's too small apartment with no job of your own?? Scott gets his mission in life when the beautiful Ramona Flowers walks into his life and he suddenly finds himself having to defeat her seven evil exes. Is he up to the challenge? Will he run out of lives before she runs out of exes?
Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery
This book is many a person's introduction to Canada and Anne certainly makes you want to pick up your suitcases and head to Prince Edward Island. What with the "White Way of  Delight" and the "Lake of Shining Waters," you can't help but imagine what a beautiful place it must be.

This is the story of one (extremely likeable) plucky orphan who makes good, but it's also definitely the story of how much you want to visit Prince Edward Island.

So, Canada, you certainly have a lot to offer our readers. We're happy you stopped by for our last Postcard edition.

We leave you with, while not Canadian's national anthems, certainly one of the most known songs in your country AND a list of a few more awesome authors from our northern neighbors.

A few other Canadian authors to check out:
Martha Brooks
Faith Erin Hicks
Polly Horvath
Susan Juby
Allan Stratton
Tim Wynne-Jones


Janet Gurtler said...

Another Canadian author. *cough* Janet Gurtler I'm Not Her *cough* ;)

nico said...

Yay Canadian Authors! Also, we just got "I'm not Her" here at APL!