Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Misfit Revisited!

We let you know about Misfit a few months ago, but now that it's REALLY on the shelf, we're revisiting it. Katie grabbed it up and brought it to the beach... here's her look at Jon Skovron's latest:

The parochial school girl in me squirmed a bit through the first few chapters of this one. I had brought it to the beach with me having read Nico’s very strong recommendation, but a few pages in, I wasn’t so sure I was in the mood for another throwdown between angels and demons. But then Jon Skovron turned the whole angels and demons concept on its head. Because in Misfit, despite some heavy dosing on Catholic tradition early on, there are no angels. This is a book where demons face off against other demons, Hell isn’t exactly what you expect, and those that seem the most holy may be the most troubled of all.

When Jael turns sixteen her life--already a series of move after move--gets even more complicated. First there is the gift from her mother, followed by visions of the past, and then her demon uncle shows up. Which is of course when things really get interesting.

What sets Misfit apart from the standard paranormal fare, though, are the characters. Jael is infinitely relate-able despite that whole daughter of a demon thing. Dagon will have you wishing for a demon uncle of your very own (fairy godmothers, what?). Rob in all of his surfer, skateboarding, math genius awesomeness is impossible not to crush on a bit. And even Jael’s father is given hidden depths that are gradually revealed throughout the story.

By the end of this book, my early misgivings had evaporated entirely and I found myself hoping that Jael has many more adventures in store. The combination of philosophical musings, super demon powers, epic battles, and romance is impossible to resist. 

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