Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Girl is Murder

The always mysterious Librarian M stops by to tell us about this very noir novel.

The Girl is Murder by Katherine Miller Hianes

Iris is having a tough time right now. Her mother committed suicide, her father came back from WWII missing a leg, she can no longer afford to go to private school, and she and her father had to move from the Upper East Side of New York to the Lower East Side. Now Iris is attending public school for the first time and she doesn’t feel like she fits in anywhere. She doesn’t know anyone at her new school, she doesn’t feel comfortable with her rich friends from her last school, and she doesn’t really know her father very well.

To keep herself occupied and to try to help her father with his detective business, Iris gets embroiled in a case- without her father’s permission. One of her public school classmates has disappeared and her father has been hired to track him down. Soon Iris finds herself sneaking around, going to swinging clubs in Harlem, and lying to just about everybody.

This is a great book because it gives you so much bang for your buck. You’ve got a fish out of water story, a mystery, and historical fiction all in one great package with an engaging and interesting main character you can’t help rooting for.

PS: If you like girl detectives who kick butt, check out Veronica Mars on the small screen. She’s also an outcast at her school and she solves some major mysteries with a little help from her friends. DVDs of all three seasons are available at the library!

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