Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Harry Potter Week: Ron Weasley- Unsung Hero. Nobody's Sidekick.

So, this may have been the hardest blog post I've written. As the main blogger here at TATAL, I immediately called dibs on Ron for HP week... and then had to live with the consequences. How do you sum up the greatness of a character like Mr. Ronald B. Weasley in a short blog post? Not to mention Rupert Grint?

I mean, even the Oscars wants to be in on the Ron Weasley show:

I think Ms. Rowling put it best when she answered the question of why Dumbledore would give Ron the deluminator
J.K. Rowling: Because he knew that Ron might need a little more guidance than the other two. Dumbledore understood Ron’s importance in the trio. He wasn’t the most skilled, or the most intelligent, but he held them together; his humour and his good heart were essential.**
He's easy to cheer for, and he is the character that made me race through to the end of each new book to make sure he was okay (I, like many other readers had read one too many books where the charming sidekick meets an unhappy ending). But that's the thing, Ron is not just a sidekick, he's an integral part of the story who grows up and learns just as much as Harry along the way.

Oh, and then there's the Hermione connection. As a long-time romantic, how could I not root for the guy who was a goner since Miss Granger informed him that he had dirt on his nose, "just there?"

Both Ron and Rupert have fantastic comedic timing, which when you hang out with the likes of Harry Potter (especially the emo HP of book five) and Hermione Granger all the time is just what the doctor ordered. He has some of my favorite lines in the series. For instance, in the last book:
Peeves:  We did it, we bashed them, wee Potter's the one, And Voldy's gone moldy, so let's have some fun!
Ron: Really gives a feeling for the scope and tragedy of the thing, doesn't it?

He's brave, he's funny, he's loyal and he's good to his mum. All of those are just a few of the too numerous to count reasons I'm throwing my vote to Ron Weasley. And why I'm happy his poster is in my cube.

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