Monday, July 11, 2011

Harry Potter Week: Oh Luna, We Love You

Katie's favorite is the lovely Ms. Luna:

Luna is a wonderful character in the Harry Potter books--quirky, friendly, brave, and always delightfully spacey. But the Luna of the films is a revelation. Evanna Lynch takes this supporting character and turns her into an integral part of each of the later films, sprinkling her unique brand of intelligence and comic relief throughout her scenes.

Evanna can rest assured that she does succeed in doing Luna justice. Her scenes in the films are richer, her lines often funnier and occasionally even wiser. Take for example, this small excerpt from my favorite scene in Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix (2007):

Luna: We both believe you, by the way. That He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is back, and you fought him, and the Ministry and the Prophet are conspiring against you and Dumbledore.
Harry: Thanks. It seems you’re about the only ones that do.
Luna: I don’t think that’s true. But i suppose that’s how he wants you to feel.
Harry: What do you mean?
Luna: Well, if I were you-know-who…I’d want you to feel cut off from everyone else, because if it’s just you alone…you’re not as much of a threat.

And with those few words, Luna manages to do something that no one else was able to do up to that point in the Order of Phoenix: remind Harry how much stronger he is when he stands with his friends. In one line, Looney Luna Lovegood sums up the great theme of Harry Potter.

Hidden behind her halo of white-blond hair and wide blue eyes, Luna’s quiet strength is a touchstone for Harry. She’s also a pretty hilarious date to Professor Slughorn’s Christmas Party. Evanna’s Luna has something to teach us all, be it  the courage to walk to the beat of our own drum, the value of friends, or how to create a really great distraction.

“I’ll distract them all,” she said, “use your cloak.” And before he could say another word, she had cried, “Oooh, look, a blibbering humdinger!” and pointed out the window.

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