Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter Week: McGonagall, Long May She Reign

Maria gives a nod to the regal Professor McGonagall:

We all had a Professor McGonagall growing up. Probably not one that could change into a cat, but a teacher that always challenged you and could make school a little difficult. But the truth is, that teacher was looking out for you and knew that overcoming obstacles was the best way to learn. Perhaps not always your favorite class to go to, but once summer break arrived, you could look back and appreciate the confidence she had in you and realize how much you had walked away with as well as the teacher you remember most. Professor McGonagall isn’t always the most vocal character in the HP series, but she is key to the story and the lessons learned that Harry and company needed to finally be victorious. Not only that, but she was a huge quidditch fan and definitely had a soft-spot for her students when they needed guidance. Also she has charm, grace and a few eccentricities here and there – which, wouldn’t you expect that of a witch?

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kathryn said...

Mrs. Wilson, my English teacher junior year was my McGonagall. I'll probably remember her forever.