Tuesday, July 5, 2011

College Prep Basics: Starting Life on Campus

Hi graduates! Congrats on being done with high school! No more applications to worry about or SAT booklets to fill in the circles for. Instead, you have the exciting world of college and dorms to look forward to. If you're freaking out a little bit, we're here to help! We've got books on everything from balancing your class schedule to doing laundry to getting excited about college sports. Here's a list of some of our favorite books that offer college life assistance.

Academics and Adjusting:
There's lots of good advice in the pages of this guide, written and edited by college students and recent graduates and broken up into short chapters. Pulled quotes, sidebars, and bulleted lists will also help the new frosh. It's all very positive and upbeat, verging at times on the preachy Leaving home, doing laundry, forming good study habits, finding friends, and seeking help are all dealt with
Readers learn to:

  • Pack for the big move away from home

  • Manage their money

  • Make new friends

  • Balance academic and social life

  • A collection of 101 stories for college students or seniors graduating from high school, with stories about every aspect of life in college, from academics to sports to clubs and Greek life, and about personal life. Also contains many humorous stories about college life and stories about study abroad experiences. 
    Making the Dorm Look like Home:
    Decorating to Go by Robin Bernard
    How to add color, furnish, organize, and accessorize temporary digs without spending a lot of money or damaging walls. Plus good advice for organizing and storage, as well as tips for touching up before you go.

    The Big-Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano
    A treasury of do-it-yourself projects by a host of TLC's Ten Years Younger outlines handmade gift and home-decorating ideas, from a Warhol-esque iPod case and photo-adorned boxer shorts to African mask patio chairs and 3-D night-light boxes.

    College Sports:
    Blue blood : Duke-Carolina, inside the most storied rivalry in college hoops by Art Chansky  In Blue Blood, veteran journalist and author Art Chansky examines the Duke-Carolina rivalry as it has evolved over the last fifty years. This is not the worn formula of a season inside a program; rather, its a detailed and colorful study of the greatest competition in college sports, which now pits two of the best coaches in the nation against each other. Its also a look at a maniacal subculture that has fans who camp out for weeks just to get tickets to the seasonal match-ups. 

    Every week a season : a journey inside big-time college football by Brian Curtis
    During the 2003 season,  Brian Curtis spent a week each at observing nine college football programs. He watched films with coaches, interviewed players, worked the locker rooms, and attended practices. Curtis' dominant theme is that the modern coach functions like the CEO of a corporation. The coach's work is public view, and if the stock doesn't pay dividends in the form of wins and bowl games, he is accountable. Legions of fans will savor every word.
    The college cookbook : an alternative to the meal plan by Geri Harrington 
    This well-intentioned book will embolden the novice in the kitchen, college student or not. With directions on everything from how to boil water to saving money at the supermarket, Harrington ( The Salad Book , etc.) cheerfully exhorts readers to learn basic principles of cooking and to "improvise to suit your budget or what happens to be on hand," providing a specific glossary of cooking terms and a guide to the use of spices and herbs. Whole chapters are devoted to inexpensive foods like ground beef and eggs.

    College vegetarian cooking : feed yourself and your friends by Megan and Jill Carle
    Grad students, cookbook authors and sisters, the Carles (Teens Cook Dessert, College Cooking) present a collection aimed at peers who are going vegetarian. Emphasizing familiar favorites like cheese enchiladas bolstered with green chiles and corn, Asian lettuce wraps, falafel and pasta primavera, the dishes come together without fuss or the need for arcane ingredients, ensuring the book gets plenty of use. Time-saving steps, like employing already-made wontons for mushroom ravioli and puff pastry for cherry turnovers or tomato tarts will help budding cooks build confidence quickly. 

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