Monday, June 6, 2011

Middle School Monday: 5 Fall Middle School Titles You’ll Want to Read Now (including a sneak peek at Son of Neptune)

 Katie shares her picks for Middle School picks from our trip to B.E.A.

The Book Expo of America is an opportunity for publishers to build buzz around new titles they have coming out in the upcoming year. These are five of the middle grade titles expected to come out this Fall that caught my eye while looking through the Kirkus Reviews 2011 BEA Big Book Guide:

1. Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver (October 2011)
Lauren Oliver has quickly become one of my favorite teen authors. This is her first book for middle-grade readers, and Kirkus Reviews is calling it “an irresistable read.” In the opening note to the reader, Lauren Oliver calls it her most personal work to date. And quite personally, I think it looks like a really fantastic ghost story by one of the most talent writers out there right now.

2. The Apothecary by Maile Meloy (October 2011)
An advanced copy of this book is sitting on my nightstand right now and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Set against the backdrop of the Cold War and the threat of nuclear warfare in 1952 London, this work of magical realism sounds suspenseful and overflowing with imagination. Kirkus Reviews says, “its blend of history, culture and the anxiety of the time with magical ‘science’ will keep readers just as spellbound as the characters.”

3. Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan (October 2011)
This sequel to The Lost Hero requires little introduction. I think three words should suffice: Percy is back. Although we failed to snag an advance copy of this book at BEA, you can find a sneak peek here.

4. Wildwood by Colin Meloy (August 2011)
This book is getting lots of early buzz in part because the author also happens to be the lead singer of a little band called The Decemberists. Wildwood is a contemporary fantasy set in the magical wilderness around Portland, Oregon. And I for one can never resist a good quest/fantasy/adventure story.

5. The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann (September 2011)
Kirkus Reviews describes this book as “The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter.” Do I really need say more? The basic premise of the story stems from a world in which 13-year-olds who display any creativity are sent to their deaths. Following the story of Alex Stowe and other Unwanteds, this book combines fantasy with dystopia and is certain to be a big one. Mark your calendars now.

Stay tuned for reviews of these titles as their release dates draw closer...

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