Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's the First Day of Summer Reading Sign Ups!

 This may be the busiest day of the year for our libraries (next to the day before they say there's going to be a major snow storm and everyone suddenly decides they need a billion videos to watch while they're trapped inside, of course).
It's summer reading!!

So what's it all about this year? 

Have you noticed our eye over there on the right side of the screen? Clicking on it will bring you to our Summer Reading Guide. You can the low down on all the programs (like our FLASH MOB that's coming on JUNE 25).

You can sign up for the summer reading program at any of the branches of the library, or you can do it online. ( Fyi: If you sign up online, you'll need to download and print the bookmark log and calendar yourself. If you come in to the library, we'll give you those).

This year, if you read just 4 books and bring the log back into the library after July 1, you'll be entered to win our big prize- a $100 Visa Gift Card. You could also win a $25 gift card to Barnes and Nobles.

Kids from the Petit Goave Library in Haiti.

On top of that, you'll also be helping an international library. When Haiti was hit by an earthquake last year, many of their libraries were destroyed. As part of the international theme of our summer reading program this year, we are partnering with a library in Haiti and for every student who finishes their summer reading log and turns it in, the Friends of the Library will donate fifty cents! Since we have thousands of kids who enter the summer reading program every year, we hope this donation will go a long way to help with their rebuild project. You can find more about our partnership here.

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