Monday, May 23, 2011

Trapped by Michael Northrop

by Michael Northrop

In High School whenever the first flakes of snow would start to fall during the school day, a rumor would start to fly around the school... From locker to locker and teacher to teacher, you'd hear, "Mr. Lee says, we're going home early." Mr. Lee was our principal and he made that crucial decision that would set us all free into the winter weather a couple hours earlier than normal. Whenever it starts to snow now, that's still the first thing I think.

Tattawa Regional High School is a school much like mine was, the second the weather takes a turn everyone has one ear open, waiting to hear the announcement over the intercom. But on the day that Trapped opens, no one has any doubt that school's going to end early. The snow is coming down faster and harder than any of the kids can remember.

Scotty Weems is supposed to be getting a ride home with his friends from one of their dads, who is working just over in the next town. Looking out at the roads though, it doesn't even seem like the plows are making it through. As it gets later and later they find themselves stranded in a group of seven students all of whom seem to be without a way home in the middle of this nor'easter. When the lone teacher in charge of the stragglers goes looking for help. The five boys and two girls are suddenly very much alone. And as the hours start to stretch into days things only get much worse.

This may not seem as dramatic as a story about meteors hitting the Earth or Aliens attacking the population, but as the snow gets higher and higher and the power begins to flicker, you will find yourself unable to stop reading. You might even start to feel chilled, right down to your bones. You may find yourself wondering what you'd do if the snow didn't stop falling, what you'd do if no one came to rescue you, what you'd do if the heat didn't come back on...

To get a closer look at this chilling story, here's a fantastic trailer made by the librarian at Northwest High School in Justin, Texas:

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