Friday, May 6, 2011

Real or Not Real: We're Excited about the Hunger Games Movie?

All Caps asks the Eternal Question: Real or Not Real?

Okay Gary Ross, new director of The Hunger Games movie coming out in March 2012, you've got our attention with your snazzy (though also very creepy) Facebook App telling us who the tributes are:
And we're excited that you've cast so many unknowns as the tributes. But don't think that we don't have our eyes on you. There's a reason these books have been so awesome and that's because the story itself was so amazing. We understand that you only have 120-180 minutes or so to tell the story, but we have faith that you can do that without taking the leeway that some directors have taken with their Fantastic original material (Chris Columbus, we're looking at you and your treatment of poor Percy Jackson)! Keep it as close to what Ms. Collins wrote and we'll never bother you again

Take this as a warning Mr. Gary Ross,
yours sincerely,
The TATAL Blogging Team

So, what do you think, are you excited about the movie? Do you think they can bring the book to life without messing it up too badly? What do you think about the casting? 

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