Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Lit Spotlight: Great Graphics with Girls

Page by Paige
by Laura Lee Gulledge

Paige is new to New York City. It's her parents dream to live there, but Paige isn't so sure about the city that never sleeps. She's spent her life in the suburbs of Virginia and instead of feeling invigorated and excited by the crowds and the culture all around her, she's feeling scared.

But, Paige is making a promise to herself to not let herself be timid and alone, or take the easy way out. Instead, she's going to use her new journal and fill it with her ideas. Then maybe she'll actually act on them! Page by Page, Paige hopes that she can become a little braver and a little more outgoing.

She gets some help along the way from a new group of friends. Jules, Gabe and Longo each have artistic passions that start to inspire Page to embrace her own secret identity: ARTIST.

If you like the artwork in this gaphic novel (and I bet that you will), check out the author's blog and find out more about her drawings, performances and street art.

by Hope Larson

This is a creepy tale of the history of Tara Fraser's family. Tara is back in the town she grew up in Nova Scotia, after two years away from it because her family's house had burned down.

Hunting around in the wreck of her old town she finds a strange necklace full of mercury. It seems more than strange, almost magic...

In 1859 another teenage girl is living in the Fraser house, Josey Fraser. Her family is about to meet a man with this same necklace in his pocket. A man who nothing good seems to follow.

This is a gothic novel and it packs a lot into its few pages. If you are a fan of dark and atmospheric stories like Beautiful Creature or  The Magnolia League, try this graphic on for size.

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