Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bits and Pieces: May Flowers Edition

Yay it's time for some Bitz and Pieces! This month is full of all sorts of YA goodness and some extra fun non-book stuff too! Hope you enjoy!

Color Me Katie gives us some ways to brighten the world when it's rainy.

GotYA has an awesome feature where they show covers of a book from all over the world. So neat!

Do you like your YA with a little bit of math mixed in? The Hub has a great list to check out!

To keep it going with the math and sciences, Bookshelves of Doom has a link to a list of the Periodical Table of Fictional Elements

 I'm pretty in love with the new blog, YA Outside the Lines, a group blog of a bunch of YA Authors. Check out this very funny post by Jennifer Echols about the size of her name on the covers of her books.

If you, like me, are on the hold list for Susane Colasanti's newest book, So Much Closer, she has a playlist up on her blog to make the wait a little shorter!

Do you follow Maggie Stiefvater's blog? She's the author of Shiver, Linger, Ballad and more, but if that's not reason enough to follow, you should add her because her blog is HYSTERICAL. Take a look at this post if you don't believe me!


kathryn said...

Thanks for this link-tastic post!

nico said...

You're welcome! Thanks for reading :)!! (and commenting!!)