Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Be a Library Insider: Use Venn Diagrams to Find a New Book.

XKCD loves Venn Diagrams too.
 I always liked Venn Diagrams as a kid. If you are a visual learner, or just like playing around with circles, then you might think that this new tool from Books and Authors is pretty cool.  It's their "Browse: Who, What, Where, When" tool. And it's as really as easy as it sounds.

Plug in a character, like for instance, "teenager."
Then what type of story you want to read. Here I went with "Adventure."
You'll start to see the overlaps, and the more categories you add, the smaller your pool of selections will be.  I added a time period (21st century, A.D.) and got myself a list of 71 titles to look through.
It's a neat, visual way to find something to read.
Here we have a search for a romance about teenagers set in the 1940s- they've got two books that they think would fit the bill.
And finally, in this one I added a location factor. So, here's a search for a book about the family life of a musician in New York City.  Three books that feature all three things!

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