Friday, May 13, 2011

At Last! We'll Always Have Summer!

We'll Always Have Summer
By Jenny Han

Oh man, I love this series. Are you going to the beach anytime soon? Yes? Bring this series in your beach bag. No? That's fine, you can read this series and it will be JUST LIKE being on the beach.

When you look up from the pages of the books in this series, you will expect to see this out your window!
My favorite beaches are in NH. Look how pretty!
The other two books in the series, The Summer I Turned Pretty and  It's Not Summer Without You clearly set the stage for this book. Belly, or Isabella, Conklin has spent every summer of her life going to a beach house with her family and her mother's best friend and two boys. It's always been Belly tagging along with her older brother and those two older boys, Conrad and Jeremiah. When those boys start to notice that Belly's not a little girl with pig tails anymore, their summers are changed forever.

If you haven't read those books, prepare yourself for a SPOILER warning at this point:

Belly is finishing her freshman year at college and she's spent the entire year with Jeremiah, as they both go to the same school. But when a mistake he makes nearly ends their relationship for good, Jeremiah takes this as a sign that they should never break up again. He gets a ring and gets down on one knee.

Belly and Jeremiah's families are not overjoyed by these plans. Belly's mom cannot believe that they would rush into something as serious as this and refuses to come to the wedding. Conrad realizes that he has never really let go of Belly and he is about to lose any chance of ever telling her his real feelings about her.

This is the type of series that is easy to get emotionally involved with. You feel for Belly, but also for the Fisher boys and also it's easy to see where Belly's mother is coming from as well. These are characters who do not have it all figured out yet and their choices are often more grey than black and white.From book one to book three the reader gets to see Belly change and mature into a grown woman. It's definitely a journey worth going on.

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Ελλάδα said...

This Book is emotional and a true summer romance between three people who have know each other since they were young. It well really get your heart going and you'll read faster then you knew you could. But you must read the first two. The Summer I Turned Pretty And It's Not Summer Without You. this series will keep you on your toes the whole entire time.