Monday, April 18, 2011

Middle School Monday: Mad Love

Mad Love by Suzanne Selfors

Alice has been having a rough time lately. Her mother is a famous romance writer, but though the public loves the passionate relationships she's written, only Alice knows that behind the scenes her mother has gotten so unstable she needs professional help. Luckily her neighbors are the kind of neighbors who can be counted on to watch over Alice as her mother gets better. But that doesn't mean it isn't incredibly lonely to be the only one in an empty apartment. And now that summer is here she has even less to fill her days.

But, just as she's thinking that her summer might be an endless parade of late morning cereal eating and bad t-v watching, Errol walks into her life. Alice has had her fill of crazy, thank you very much, she does not have time for this emo guy who wants her to believe that he's some weird reincarnation of Cupid. But when she gets hit by something, lightning? a thunder bolt? an arrow? She isn't so sure just who is crazy anymore...

For those of you who have had enough paranormal romances, fear not! We are not leading you into Twi-lite territory! Instead you get a very funny and very sweet chapter of Alice's life as well as the straight-from-the-horse's mouth tale of Cupid mixed in. If you get a kick out of Rick Riordan's Greek and Roman re-tellings, you might want to give Cupid's a shot as well.

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