Monday, April 4, 2011

Middle School Monday: Cloaked by Alex Flinn

by Alex Flinn

Johnny is a good guy: he's always been a good friend and a good son, working long hours at his family's shoe repair shop in the lobby of one of South Beach's fancy hotels. He's exactly the type of guy who a princess in distress could depend on... which is good because one just happens to be visiting the sunshine state on a frantic journey to save her brother.

If you liked Beastly, or get a kick out of fairy tales being plopped down in modern life, Cloaked will take you on one magical mission that you aren't soon to forget. There are witches and frogs who need kissing, flamingos who aren't as they seem and giants who must be stopped. Poor Johnny, who never believed much in magic before the princess walked in with a broken heel and a cloak, is in over his head. He'll need all the help that his very practical friend, Meg, can offer and more!

Will Johnny be able to get his happily-ever-after or will he be left holding a few beans?

To get more of a taste of this fantastical tale, here's the publisher's book trailer:

And here, Alex Flinn answers readers questions about Beastly and Cloaked:

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