Friday, April 22, 2011

Arlington Reads: Battle Dress by Amy Efaw

Battle Dress
by Amy Efaw

Andi is one of the bravest characters you'll meet. She's a freshman at Westpoint and about to enter their six week basic training course, otherwise known as The Beast. It's supposed to beat you down and then build you back up as a soldier.

Andi is one of only two girls in her squadron, but what makes her story so inspiring is that she is determined to rise above everyone's expectations and not only make it through, but succeed. It's not easy, even her other squad mates think there are things she won't be able to do because she's a girl. Add this to the fact that every day of The Beast has about a thousand new challenges, with officers yelling at you every step of the way, and you have a seriously intense six weeks.

The author, Efaw knows Andi's story personally because, like her, she graduated from Westpoint. She was in only the tenth class at Westpoint to include women. You can read more about her personal inspiration for the book here.

There are not a lot of books out there where the female main character is on this kind of hard-core quest, the kind where she needs the help of her teammates to get through. There's no romance in this book, only hard work and a story that will leave you both inspired and determined to conquer your own fears. This is not a book just for girls, instead it is for anyone who needs a kick in the pants to get going on their own life goals.

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