Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Arlington Reads: Back Home by Julia Keller

Back Home 
by Julia Keller

I think stories that focus on soldiers often need the word, "unflinching" and this is definitely the case here.

Rachel "Brownie" Browning is thirteen and like most of us, she is happy with the way her world is and would be happier still if it would stay the same. But the world has a way of turning and changing and Brownie's life is about to take so sharp a turn that she won't soon be able to even remember how life used to be.

Her dad always said that he wasn't a soldier. He was just a reservist, doing a soldier's job for a little bit and then coming back home to them. But when he is in Iraq, Brownie's dad is injured in an explosion and comes home with soldier's wounds: traumatic brain injury as well as a severed leg and arm.

Back Home is a simple, straight forward look at what it's like for Brownie and her family now that her dad is back home. He's the same man who built her forts and practiced basketball with her sister, but really, nothing is the same. This is not an easy story to read at all, but if you have ever wanted to put yourself in the shoes of a family who has had to make these kind of sacrifices, Back Home  will do just that. It will leave you thinking and wondering what happens to Brownie and her family after the last page.

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