Friday, March 25, 2011

Up and Coming: Forgotten by Cat Patrick

This book will hit our shelves in June, but the publishers sent us an Arc (Advanced Readers Copy), so here's a sneak preview:

by Cat Patrick

Have you ever had one of those days where you can't remember where you put your homework and nothing seems to be where you remember it? Welcome to London Lane's every day.

London has no short-term memory. Everything that happened yesterday and the day before (and the day before) is a mystery to her. But, frustratingly, she instead gets glimpses of what's to come.

She gets through life by leaving herself detailed notes (that must be done before 4:33 when her mind resets itself). But, even with her notes, every day she does everything for the first time again. Definitely frustrating when you're trying to take a Spanish exam.

The glimpses from the future can also be a burden. London can see that her best friend Jamie is going to get incredibly hurt when a relationship goes wrong, but she can't seem to see her boyfriend Luke in her future at all-- can she change what she sees is going to happen? And why isn't Luke there at all? It's a lot to handle and London has the feeling that if she doesn't start asking more questions her past is going to catch up with her.

This is an exciting thriller and London's memory problems will leave you wondering what you would do in her situation. Would you want to know what was going to happen next year or in ten years? Ms. Patrick does a great job of giving the memory loss a very creepy tone--- is there something that London doesn't want to remember? You will be reading and reading to find out!

On top of that, I really liked how important her friendship with Jamie is, it's a nice change from some YA because she doesn't drop her best friend when she gets involved with a boy. Not that the boy isn't great, Luke is a compelling character who definitely reminded me of Finn from Glee... I think it's the loyal and kind streaks he's got, whatever it is, a comparison to Finn is a good thing.

Keep a look out for London Lane in Forgotten by Cat Patrick, hitting the shelves June 1, 2010. Also, check out the news that it might become a movie! (thanks GreenBeanTeenQueen for the tip)

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