Thursday, March 10, 2011

Teen Tech Week: We Pay So You Don't Have To

Teen Tech Week is all about showcasing what your library card can access besides physical books, dvds and cds. Arlington Public Library invests in tons of cool things that we want to make sure you are aware of!

For instance! Are you reading this on a smart phone? Ipod Touch? Then you could also be reading one of hundreds of our YA e-books.  You can download the Overdrive App for FREE and then you have access to many of our e-books, right on your mobile device. For more info on how, see our instructions here.

How about for research projects? We have so many resources that it can get a little confusing, so we've set up research guides that list all the databases, encyclopedias and such that your card gets you access to.
For middle and high school students, you can find help in the following topics:

One of my favorite electronic resources that we have is NewspaperDirect PressDisplay. If you like to read the paper, this allows you to read it cover to cover. But what makes it really great is that you can read the local paper or a paper in Iceland, China, New Orleans or Arizona. Below is a screen-shot from an Irish paper!
APL has so much more to offer than just books (though we love our books too), you just need to know where to look!

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